About Us

My three daughters and I started the College Coffeehouse in 2001.  I had been working in the oil industry for almost 25 years and was ready for a change.  I was one of those people who was a diehard black coffee drinker wondering how people could pay 3 dollars or more for coffee with a bit of milk and flavor added.  But then a coworker bought me a hazelnut latte one day.  I was hooked.

At that time, I didn’t know a lot about coffee or the coffee business.  I was however an avid coffee drinker and knew a good brew and latte when I had one. One thing I noticed about some of the local coffee shops is that their milk based drinks tasted like sweet steamed milk to me.  I wanted to taste the coffee.  Therefore one of my objectives was to work with North Pole Coffee Roasters to come up with a roast just for College Coffee.  It needed to be strong and robust enough so that it wouldn’t be over powered by the milk and flavor.  I think we accomplished that with the College Coffee Blend.  We use a lighter blend for Americano and those folks who don’t like the stronger taste in their milk based drinks.

I had to two other objectives that I wanted to meet with the coffee shop.  One was to develop a comfortable laid back atmosphere where anyone of all ages could come in and feel at home.  I especially wanted to appeal to the school aged kids and give them a safe and healthy place to hang out.

The other thing I wanted to accomplish was to provide a local non-alcohol entertaining hot spot.  A place for locals to cut their teeth in front of a crowd or just hang out and have a good time making music for others.

Since opening December 10th 2001, all three of my daughters have worked for me as well as several of their friends.  Today my middle daughter Bonita manages the day to day activities of the business. My grandson and two of my granddaughters also help out from time to time.

What I like best about the coffee shop today is sitting down with the customers and just chatting.  Some who have been regulars since I opened.  I love that more than anything.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

John Taylor
College Coffeehouse