About Us

College Coffee was designed and birthed from Fairbanks local and coffee enthusiast, John Taylor. After several years of serving the community John sold the company to North Pole Coffee Roasting Company. Thomas Bartels, owner of North Pole Coffee moved to town in his teen years where he met and married his high school sweet heart right here in Fairbanks. Since then he and his wife Janet along with their two children have entrenched themselves in the heart of the city by giving both their time and resources to causes like Relay for Life, Making Strides, Go Red, and many more.

We at North Pole Coffee Roasting have tried to uphold the most important aspect John fostered at CCH, a sense of community. While we realize that students come and go, baristas move on to their studied careers, and locals move away or become snow birds, we strive to be a welcoming environment day after day. We cater to both locals and tourists with many delicious food and coffee items.

Our mission statement as a company is to bring you quality, fresh products with excellent customer service.

We look forward to serving you!

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